Letter from the Chairperson

Welcome visitors,

School council meets at 6:30 pm on the third Tuesday each month “to foster the full Christian education and development of our children within the framework of a Catholic environment and philosophy, and to encourage the development of true Catholic values.”

Council members oversee the general day-to-day non-educational program aspects of the school including such areas as the collection of fees, payment of operating expenses and maintenance of facilities and grounds.

Parish community members and parents are invited to join at our Annual General Meeting held in November each year.

  • Chairperson – Charmaine Moeller
  • Vice-Chair –Janice Blaskovits
  • Finance/Treasurer – Glenda Macarat
  • Secretary –Cristina Amano
  • Staff/Council Liaison – Janice Blaskovits
  • School Council/Parish Council Liaison – Terri Haynal & Charmaine Moeller
  • Parent Support Group Liaison – Terri Haynal  Charmaine Moeller
  • Maintenance and Repair Representative – Jim Kinnear
  • Admission – Kim Skin
  • Public Relations – Kim Skin
  • Publicity – Kim Skin
  • Pastor – Father Venerando Sabacan
  • Catholic Independence School Representative – Yvonne Becotte
  • Filipino/Community Liaison – Janice Depositar

If you would like further information on becoming a member of school council contact me at 250-782-4923.

Charmaine Moeller